R E F U N D S:


Picasso The illestrator, does not issue refunds. Any problems of dissatisfaction are to be noticed before leaving the salon’s exit, within 24hrs, or no action can be taken to rectify any problems.  No prices are to be broken down, halved or divided for any reason. All prices are final. All sales are final.

If the client wishes to cancel appointments at anytime, their deposit will be forfeited. 

If the client desires to change a hair style, pertaining any difference in timing and or pricing to their original choice in style, will have to reschedule their appointment, and forfeit the deposit, thus paying a new deposit for a new hairstyle. Here's  an example to align this briefing : 

Jane D. books  2/16/17 8:00 am for Marley Twist , for $75 (after $50 deposit) and is exceeding 4 hrs 30 mins. The stylist has a client at 2:00 pm for Box Braids, exceeding  6 hrs, set up behind Jane's appointment, after the 1 hr break period for lunch, cleaning and next client set up.  Jane D.  contacts her stylist, on 2/15/18 with desire to change her hairstyle for her appointment to 1b waist length goddess locs, for $275 (after deposit payment of $50) exceeding 8/9 hrs. This causes conflict, to the stylist's schedule, and also violates the cancellation policy (located underneath this briefing) . To wave this disarray, the client has to either pay the 50% of service cancellation fee, or pay a new $50 deposit for the new appointment date, time, and style. This too adds an additional day to the stylist's schedule, if the stylist is servicing on an out of town visit.


Regarding Late Fees, Cancellations and/ or NO SHOWS:


-Late Fees

With each appointment scheduled, clients receive a confirmation text and emails, verifying the date, time and location where the client will be serviced. Please look up the location online or with your gps, to manage your estimated time, for in route travel. This will give you, the client or guardian, an idea on when you are to arrive to your appointment. 

Clients are given a 10 minute grace period, after appointed time, for arrival. If you or your transportation have surpassed this limit, you will be charged an additional $35.00 . Please Arrive 15mins before appointed time, to ensure you are waved of any late fees.

-Cancellation & No SHOW Fees 

When booking an appointment date, you (the client) are required to add your payment card to complete booking. The client is permitted to cancel their servicing 72hrs (3 days) ahead of their appointment. If the client has violated this policy, within a lesser time frame, they will be charged 50% of the service, with payment information provided. Please understand, clients and new potential clientele, could use your cancelled appointment if you are to cancel within the 72hr time period. Respect your stylist's time, as your time is both honored and respected.

>PLEASE, bring no entourages, children or extra guest,  to attend your appointment if they are not being serviced.


>Please review all information before booking dates and time for each appointment.


>Deposits are not refunded. Picasso the illestrator, accepts deposit payment, and other full service payment through Paypal. If any disputes are filed for refunds, this will result into the No refund violation. Purloining refunds will result into legal court matters and a $100.00  violation fee. This payment will withdrawn from the payment information rendered.


All concerns or other inquires about services may be sent to the email of   illmatic187info@gmail.com or contacted to


.  Each concern will be viewed and handled promptly. Thank You for your patience.

Please Read Carefully



*Eyelash extensions vary in life span due to the stage of growth the natural eyelash is in, therefore only an approximate life span for each person’s eyelash extensions can be as curtained.

*Lashes will need maintenance treatments every 2-3weeks.

*No water must be on the lashes for 24hrs.

*No heat treatments are to be on the eyelashes for 3 days. This included sun, saunas, steam room, Jacuzzis, sunbeds, eye treatments and spray on tan applications.

*No eye makeup must not be applied to the eye lashes for 3days.

*Under no circumstances can the extended lash be curled manually or mechanically.

*Eyelash extensions are guaranteed strictly for one week with the use of a 100% water-based Make-up Remover and cleanser.

*If any eyelash extensions are lost within one week Picasso the illestrator will replace them free of charge, only if the correct makeup remover and cleanser is used.

* If the correct cleanser and make up remover is not used then Picasso the illestrator cannot guarantee the lashes at all and this is at the customers own risk.

* Strictly no water proof mascara can be used on the extensions and only the advised mascara can be applied half way down the  extension (from middle to other tip of lash)
* Lashes can only be guaranteed if you use the correct lash cleanser and mascara and issued (request your stylist advise as to the correct products if unclear)
* Picasso The Illestrator does not give refunds. Any lashes that come off must be reported and shown to the stylist within three days or no action can be undertaken to rectify any problems.
*Eyelash extensions must be removed professionally and under no circumstances can they be removed with home applications.
*The length of lashes used is determined by the length of the natural lash. If the
Extension required is too long it may cause the natural lash to fall out or the
Extension to twist downwards or not look natural.